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Estate Deck & Fence is the area’s leader in premium decks, porches, fences, pergolas and gazebos. We provide outstanding products and service to the greater Rockford area, as well as, the Madison and Lake Geneva areas in southern Wisconsin. Our skilled and professional staff designs unique and quality outdoor living spaces in a wide variety of material options. From traditional wood to composite materials and …

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Estate Deck & Fence is an expert in custom outdoor lighting. Illuminate your new or existing landscape features; this is an excellent way to aesthetically and safely guide you and your guests through your property. Our professional landscape lighting team will design your lighting plan and install your lighting with the perfect combination of lighting styles and fixtures to properly …

Brainstorming Outdoor Lighting Designs in Rockford

Jan 6, 2020 | Blog Posts, Outdoor Lighting Designs in Rockford

​The way the outside of your home looks is the first overall impression of your home. Between outdoor furniture, gardening accessories, and other types of exterior decor, it’s easy to have a stylish and presentable yard, especially in the spring and summer months. The front and back of your home are equally important, being that the front is the first thing seen and the back is where people tend to gather.

Just like outdoor lighting designs in Rockford, lighting is significant as well. Implementing lights may sound obvious, but it seems as though many homeowners use them for one function only, light. While this is the most important function, they can be used for decoration at the same time. Don’t just illuminate your yard to see, illuminate it for style.

1. Front Door Lighting

Welcome yourself home with beautiful front door lighting options. Since it’s most likely the main entryway, these lights will not go unnoticed. Depending on the style of your home or the type of front entryway you have, there are different ways to go about choosing the most fitting option. This includes the style, size, and placement.

2. Garage Lighting (Exterior)

Along with driveway lighting, garage lighting can make an impact as well. To illuminate the garage, add floodlights. Floodlights are typically placed higher up, which makes it acceptable to line them up with the highest point of the garage. These lights can highlight an attractive garage or help to light up the outdoor basketball court.

3. Landscape/Garden Lighting

Enhance your landscape with outdoor lighting designs in Rockford such as post lantern lights, path lights, and wall lights. Even during the day, when they’re not yet lit up, they add that something extra and bring attention to the green grass and/or garden. These lights bring curb appeal to the front yard and sophisticated style in the back.

With landscape lighting, you can enjoy the garden late into the evening, especially if you spend a great deal of time outside or host gatherings in the yard.

4. Porch Lighting

Lighting can make time spent on the porch more enjoyable. For those cloudy days you’d like to spend outside or a beautiful summer night, let porch lighting provide the brightness that the sky lacks. One of the best options is an outdoor fan light, ideal for both cooling down and brightening the porch space.

5. Patio/Deck Lighting

You have many options to illuminate your deck including lamp posts, lanterns attached to your home, hanging lanterns, string lighting, fire pits, candles, tiki torches, surrounding garden lights, and more.

6. Front Walkway Lighting

If you have a walkway from the street/driveway to your front door, it’s a good idea to illuminate it through outdoor lighting designs in Rockford Fortunately you have many options including low-to-the-ground lights and/or light posts.

7. Pool Lighting

One of the most beautiful effects you can create in your yard is lighting for a pool. I think a lit pool looks fabulous. You have many options including lights beneath the water, on the surrounding deck, and/or elevated posts.

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